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Hearth Baked - Hearth & Cauldron Mysteries, Book 3 (PAPERBACK)

Hearth Baked - Hearth & Cauldron Mysteries, Book 3 (PAPERBACK)

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Normally, the scent of cookies, scones, and waffle cones fills the air around Whispering Pines’ bake shop, but kitchen witches Sugar and Honey Graham have mysteriously lost their touch. Sugar’s pastries won’t bake properly, and Honey’s ice cream tastes awful.

Certain they’ve been cursed, the sisters turn to their coven’s high priestess, Reeva Long, for help.

Reeva, however, is busier than ever with her own shop this season. Add a crabby teenage tenant, a moody best friend, and a new boyfriend—er, manfriend?—and Reeva’s plate is not only full, it’s overflowing. How can she possibly squeeze in more?

But when a tourist is found dead and a villager is accused of murder, Reeva knows the village has bigger problems than icky ice cream. It’s time for Long & McLaughlin Private Investigators (aka Reeva and Ruby) to put their sleuthing skills into action and catch the real killer.

If you like your witchy mysteries on the cozy side with plenty of quirky characters, and a dash of paranormal, you’ll love the 
Hearth & Cauldron Mysteries series.

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Chapter 1
“Someone’s going to kill that woman,” Ruby McLaughlin predicted.
“Maybe not kill her,” I corrected, “but I’d say there’s a fair chance of her getting walloped.”
Tomorrow, August 1st, the village of Whispering Pines would hold a day-long Lammas festival. Tonight, being Lammas Eve, the village coven gathered as it did every year for a private celebration of one of our eight sabbats or holidays. At least, that had been the plan.
Ruby leaned close to me. “You need to remind everyone that they can’t just bring people to our gatherings.”
“This is stupid,” Isobel O’Connor insisted. She was visiting family in the village, a practicing Wiccan, and the prime reason for the coven’s current level of discontent. “Don’t you understand how potentially destructive this could be?”
“Shut it, lady,” someone in the group groaned.
“Why are you even here?” someone else asked.
Ruby elbowed me. “You’re the high priestess. Do something.”
She was right. I was technically in charge of this gathering and needed to smooth things over before our religious celebration turned into a street brawl. I took a step forward. When I paused to think of what to say, Ruby gave me a shove, propelling me toward Isobel at the center of the Meditation Circle. All eyes turned to me.
The thin, dishwater-blond, thirty-something woman pointed toward the sky. “This is Lammas Eve, yes, but there’s also a new moon.”
“That’s not why we’re here,” I murmured in a soothing tone. For the third time. “We’re here to follow a long-standing tradition. This is the night when farmers would gather to celebrate the first grain harvest of the season that would happen the next day. Many farmers still honor this tradition.”
“We’re also honoring Lugh,” Ruby reminded everyone. “The god of craftsmanship.”
Being a craft witch, Lugh was Ruby’s favorite deity and Lammas her favorite sabbat.
Isobel shook her head. “The moon is black.”
“What is she talking about?” one of the coven members asked.
Did he really not know? A scan across the crowd showed confusion on their faces. Many of our members chose to skip this gathering because, even though it was Lammas Eve, there was a new moon.
“There is danger in tonight’s darkness,” Isobel warned.

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