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Hearth & Cauldron Collection #1 (PAPERBACK)

Hearth & Cauldron Collection #1 (PAPERBACK)

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From bestselling author, Shawn McGuire, comes a twisty, witchy, small-town murder mystery series about Reeva Long and her best friend, Ruby McLaughlin, who will stop at nothing to find out who is attacking the witches in Whispering Pines.

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The collection includes:

Hearth & Cauldron (Hearth & Cauldron Mysteries, Book 1)

Hearth witch Reeva Long has dreamed of running her own shop since she was eighteen years old. It took forty years, but she is now the proud owner of Hearth & Cauldron, a quaint, cozy shop where she teaches her customers to make mouth-watering dishes and helps them discover the perfect pieces to decorate their homes.

Then, out of nowhere, her dream starts to unravel. Her home feels inexplicably . . . off and a thief steals from her shop.

Determined to stop this before things get worse, Reeva starts by inviting the village coven to bless her home. Everything goes perfectly until later in the evening when an elderly witch becomes deathly ill after enjoying a scone and a cup of tea.

Is there a connection between the poor old witch's sudden illness, the theft, and the strange vibes in Reeva’s cottage? Is something wicked going on in Whispering Pines?


Hearth & Hedge (Hearth & Cauldron Mysteries, Book 1)

It’s time for the annual Whispering Pines Tour of Gardens, and plant lovers are arriving by the busload. Discussions of raised beds, fertilizers, and proper amounts of water and sunlight can be heard all around the village.

Then just as the tours begin, chaos erupts. Someone has vandalized the gardens.

Between running her successful shop, Hearth & Cauldron, and dealing with her new teenage boarder who has turned her orderly homelife into the female Wiccan version of The Odd Couple, hearth witch Reeva Long doesn’t have time to track down suspects.

It’s the middle of the busy tourist season, however, and solving petty crimes isn’t high on the sheriff’s priority list either. So Reeva and her sidekick best friend, Ruby McLaughlin, dig in.

When events escalate and one of the witches on the tour is attacked, the amateur sleuths fear this is something more sinister than a few pulled-up posies.

Hearth Baked (Hearth & Cauldron Mysteries, Book 1)

Normally, the scent of cookies, scones, and waffle cones fills the air around Whispering Pines’ bake shop, but kitchen witches Sugar and Honey Graham have mysteriously lost their touch. Sugar’s pastries won’t bake properly, and Honey’s ice cream tastes awful.

Certain they’ve been cursed, the sisters turn to their coven’s high priestess, Reeva Long, for help.

Reeva, however, is busier than ever with her own shop this season. Add a crabby teenage tenant, a moody best friend, and a new boyfriend—er, manfriend?—and Reeva’s plate is not only full, it’s overflowing. How can she possibly squeeze in more?

But when a tourist is found dead and a villager is accused of murder, Reeva knows the village has bigger problems than icky ice cream. It’s time for Long & McLaughlin Private Investigators (aka Reeva and Ruby) to put their sleuthing skills into action and catch the real killer.

Hearth Fire (Hearth & Cauldron Mysteries, Book 1)

As Whispering Pines’ busiest tourist season ever draws to a close, Reeva Long, Ruby McLaughlin, and the other villagers are ready for things to quiet down.

Instead, a break-in and a small fire set near Hearth & Cauldron puts everyone on edge. The only clue, a melted candle stub, gives the amateur sleuths little to work with.

Soon other fires flare up, threatening the entire village, so Deputy Jayne O’Shea takes charge of the investigation. Can Jayne, with Reeva’s and Ruby’s help, catch the firestarter before someone gets hurt or worse?

Read a Sample

Chapter 1
Seven-year-old Peony nearly broke my heart the way she played with her fingers and sniffled so hard her shoulders jerked with each sharp inhale. My heart was safe with thirteen-year-old Clover, but she was trying her darndest to break my spirit. Leaning forward with elbows resting on her widespread knees and a glare on her face, Clover was as defiant a child as I’d ever seen.
I could have said no . . . No, no, I couldn’t have. My whole life, I’d never been able to say no to people. I did need to move this along, though. I had a shop to open and customers to tend to. Something to bake. There was always something to bake.
“We’re so sorry to bother you with this, Reeva,” their father, Alder, insisted.
“We didn’t know what else to do,” added Aster, their mother. “They say it takes a village to raise a child and well . . .”
“It’s fine that you came to me,” I assured with an empathetic smile. “As high priestess, I see my role as being both guide and rule enforcer. Before I say anything to your girls, however, I have to ask something from the two of you.”
They both froze, their eyes wide. If only they could be that in sync as parents.
“I need to know,” I continued, “that you’ll enforce whatever punishment I give. While it does sometimes take a village to raise kids, and you happen to live in one where the residents are always willing to help when there’s a need, ultimately your daughters are your responsibility.”
“Of course.” Alder gave a firm nod, eyes shifting from me to his daughters, issuing a silent warning.
“Whatever you say, Reeva,” Aster vowed, a beat too late. “We’ll follow it to the letter.”
I glanced at the girls perched on my patio bench. For an instant, they’d both become my daughter. Yasmine at seven after getting caught red-handed cutting into the cake I’d told her was for our neighbor’s birthday party that night. Yasmine at thirteen after sneaking in through the front door at midnight when she’d been told in no uncertain terms that she couldn’t go to that party. I didn’t like the authoritarian side of parenting any more than Alder and Aster Flowers did. But oh, what I wouldn’t give to have my girl sitting before me now, alive and well, anxious for the words about to come out of my mouth.
“First, let’s be sure I’ve got my facts straight.” I took a few steps closer to the girls. “Please correct me if I get anything wrong.”
“You’re wrong,” Clover sassed instantly.
“Clover,” Aster snapped, “I swear to the Goddess, if you don’t check that attitude, I’ll triple whatever punishment Reeva gives.”
The girl remained quiet but made a face at her mother. They should have named her Saguaro or after some other kind of cactus flower. The girl was prickly as a porcupine.

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