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Sticks and Stones - The Wish Makers, Book 1 (EBOOK)

Sticks and Stones - The Wish Makers, Book 1 (EBOOK)

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A fatal choice, after a string of bad choices, leaves Desiree broken and dying in a ditch. With seconds left to live, a genie appears. She can live again, he says, if she agrees to serve him for fifty years.

She agrees, but after more than four decades of granting other people’s wishes and never getting her own, the former hippie has developed an attitude problem.

Mandy Matteo is the perfect daughter and student, never breaking a rule for fear of the repercussions. But her friends want fun, not perfection, and abandon Mandy for parties and boys.

Miserable, she makes a wish. Nothing extravagant, just a whisper to the universe to be happy. Never dreaming it will come true. Then Lexi, her childhood imaginary friend, shows up in the field outside her house and life is good again.

Magical wishes have conditions, though.

Once started, they cannot be altered or revoked. And once Mandy is truly content with her life, Lexi must go back to wherever she came from. Turns out, Lexi likes being alive and she’s prepared to do whatever it takes to stay that way.


STICKS AND STONES is the first book in The Wish Makers fantasy series. If a series about wishes granted by a genie with an attitude problem sounds intriguing, this is the series for you!

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Chapter 1
It had been twelve years since I’d broken a rule. I found that life flowed along more easily if I didn’t rock the boat. Expectations were understood and outcomes predictable. Tonight was going to be different though. Tonight I’d step out of my carefully controlled comfort zone. If I wanted to have any friends at all, it was my only choice.
I’d promised Brooke and Crissy I’d go to the party tonight, even though it wasn’t my kind of thing and they knew it. But I really wanted the three of us to be together and this is what they agreed on. Besides, if I didn’t go I’d spend my sixteenth birthday alone.
Things weren’t going as planned though. Brooke had promised to pick me up at seven-thirty. At ten minutes to eight I’d received a text saying her brother had taken her car and she’d gotten a ride from someone else. So there I was, ready and willing and no way to get to the party.
Well, there was one way. My birthday present from my uncle, an old Ford Escape he’d been fixing up for months, was waiting in the barn for me. There was the minor detail that I didn’t have my license yet, but my road test was schedule for tomorrow morning and I knew I’d pass. So what the heck, I was already stepping out of my box, what was one more step?
Brooke was supposed to bring me her silver sequined miniskirt, so I was back at the I-have-nothing-to-wear stage. The whole time I stood there staring into my closet, an invisible Jiminy Cricket sat on my shoulder reminding me that I was breaking a rule. You know what happens when you break a rule.
“Yeah, yeah,” I said, flicking Jiminy to the floor, “civilizations collapse and planets implode. Alert the media, Mandy Matteo is about to break a rule.” But the room spun a little and my stomach flipped as those words came out of my mouth. I looked down to see if Jiminy was still there. He wasn’t, of course, so I called out, “It’s just one party. Mom won’t be home ’til Sunday. No one will ever know I took the Escape.”
Finally dressed in something other than sweats, I grabbed the “sweet sixteen” key ring from the rack by the front door, ran out to the barn, and hopped in the car. At the end of the driveway I paused, waiting for a sign that planets were in fact imploding. With my luck, the first party I ever went to would get busted. But no space debris fell out of the sky to block my path. My phone didn’t ring with Mama intuitively calling to ask what I was up to. No voice from above told me to turn away from the dark side I was about to cross into. So I pulled onto the county highway and headed for town.

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