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Whispering Pines Ebook Collection, Books 7-13 (EBOOK BUNDLE)

Whispering Pines Ebook Collection, Books 7-13 (EBOOK BUNDLE)

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This collection includes books 7-13 in the Whispering Pines mystery series. Seven books at one great price!

#7 Silent Secrets

The quiet time of year as settled over Whispering Pines. For months, Sheriff Jayne O’Shea had been looking forward to a little R&R but now she’s not so sure. What’s she supposed to do with herself? Take up knitting?

When a brawl breaks out at the local pub during the Thanksgiving gathering, a patron is critically wounded. Not the kind of distraction Jayne was looking for. There’s a long list of suspects, but she’s fairly certain it was one of the vigilantes who came to save the village from “that lady sheriff who doesn’t know her job.” But it might be someone from the growing group of villagers who aren’t happy with their sheriff’s performance. Or maybe it's someone who's not even on her list.

The one thing Jayne knows for sure is if she doesn’t get a handle on things, it could be time for her to turn in her badge.

#8 Merciful Secrets

Preparations for the Yuletide festival are in full swing, and so is the gossip about a blackmailing villager. Sheriff Jayne O’Shea doesn’t have time or patience for small-town rumors. After two long years overseas, her father is coming for a visit and everything has to be perfect. Then, just as things start falling into place, the blackmailer is found dead.

As if that wasn't enough, strange packages start showing up on doorsteps around the village, each containing a clue as to how the receiver will die.

Now, Jayne has to decide what’s more important. Focusing on a murder that’s already happened or trying to prevent six more.

#9 Justified Secrets

A monster of a blizzard is on the way, but the hardy folks of Whispering Pines aren’t bothered by the weather. Not when there are supplies to gather and neighbors to catch up with.

As everyone finally settles in to ride out the storm, Sheriff Jayne O’Shea gets a phone call. A stranger has stumbled into the village. She’s covered in bruises and mumbling about a car crash. Determined to figure out what happened to her, and to rescue any other potential victims still out there, Jayne braves the howling winds and arctic temperatures. Then another call comes in. An elderly villager is missing in the storm.

Jayne can handle this. She can handle pretty much anything. But when a ghost from her past shows up at the bed-and-breakfast and tries to uncover Jayne’s long-buried secrets, she may have reached her breaking point.

#10 Protected Secrets

As the vernal equinox brings welcome warmth and the promise of the coming tourist season to Wisconsin's Northwoods, it also brings an invading Wiccan coven. Sheriff Jayne O’Shea isn’t worried about the witches. It’s the fact that her mother is coming for her first visit in nearly twenty years that has her on edge. Their reunion goes well, better than expected, and then a coven member disappears.

The other members don't seem concerned. In fact, they're so indifferent to the disappearance, Jayne is sure she's searching for a body, not a missing person. The possibility of another death in the village is bad enough, but this one could mean the end for Whispering Pines. If Jayne can't get her mom to see the lakeside community's charming appeal, it will go up for sale.

#11 Burning Secrets

Sheriff Jayne O’Shea is on edge. Hopeful applicants have taken over the commons area, all of them begging to become residents. Villagers who left long ago have returned, causing an uproar among the locals. The slow burn feud between the sister witches has reached the boiling point. And her parents are acting just plain weird.

Fortunately, it’s time for the annual Beltane celebration, the last opportunity for everyone to gather before tourists invade the village for the summer. Attendees dance around the Maypole, decorate fairy chairs, weave witch ladders, and nibble Green Man cake. Good, innocent fun.

Except, this year’s fire festival is being held during the driest spring the Northwoods has seen in a decade. And like bees to honey, the event has attracted an arsonist intent on burning the place to the ground one little fire at a time.

#12 Blind Secrets

It’s been almost a year since Sheriff Jayne O’Shea arrived in Whispering Pines. Deciding to stay was the best decision she ever made, but the closer the anniversary gets, the gloomier she feels.

It doesn’t help that she and Tripp have been arguing. Neither does the dense fog blanketing the village. Or the group of cranky wedding planners staying at the B&B. Trying to organize an outdoor event when the weather won’t cooperate is understandably stressful, but their constant bickering is pushing everyone to the edge.

Then, as the fog grows impossibly thicker, things take a turn for the worse when a villager becomes gravely ill. The cause is a mystery, but the rumor going around is that she was hexed or cursed. Considering half the residents are witches, that isn’t surprising. While Jayne doesn't believe magic is involved, she’s positive about her suspect. Now, all she needs is proof.

#13 Wayward Secrets

The new tourist season is about to start. The witches, carnies, fortune tellers, and other lovable outcasts of Whispering Pines are abuzz with excitement. Sheriff Jayne O’Shea, however, is nervous. After their tragic last season, the lakeside hamlet became known as the Murder Capital of Wisconsin, and she would love to redeem their reputation.

Everyone has assured her they’re ready and that it’s going to be a great opening weekend, but Jayne can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong. Then, just as waves of happy tourists start to arrive, villagers go missing one by one.

This is the showdown Jayne has been preparing for. She knows who’s responsible, but before catching the kidnapper, she first needs to save the victims. That means releasing control and letting others step up because this time she’s too close. Failure could mean the end for those she loves most.

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Read a Sample

Chapter 1
THE DREAM . . . NO, THIS ONE was squarely in the nightmare realm. I’d had it every few nights for the first week, then every other night. This week, it came two nights in a row, so I tried hard to stay awake. Around one thirty, my eyes refused to stay open, so I crawled into bed, hoping I was tired enough to sleep without dreaming. No such luck.
I stared out the windows, trying to get a fix on what time it was, and shivered at the sight of the frost-covered pine trees. The temperature wasn’t getting above forty during the day now that we were into late November and dropped below freezing at night. Ice had started to form in the shallow areas and permanently tree-shaded coves of Whispering Pines’ lake. The still unfrozen water looked colder, like it was starting to gel or stiffen in preparation for the thick layer of ice that would soon cap it and trap in all the lake’s secrets.
“Are you awake?” My boyfriend, Tripp Bennett, sat on the edge of the bed and rested a hand on my hip. He knew I’d been dreaming a lot lately, but he didn’t know it had been the same nightmare on replay. He pushed a lock of hair away from my eyes, a look of concern on his face.
“I’m awake.” I pushed myself up to sit, propping my pillow between my back and the headboard.
“Good. I wasn’t sure if I should wake you up or let you work through it.”
It had been three weeks since I’d moved out of the boathouse and into the main house. Tripp and I now shared Pine Time Bed-and-Breakfast’s all-white main floor bedroom. It was beautiful with its traditional raised-wood paneling and a wall of windows that provided an amazing view of the lake.
“You were having another nasty dream,” Tripp told me. “This has been happening a lot. Do you want to tell me about it?”
I rubbed the grit from the corners of my eyes. I wasn’t sure I wanted to talk about it. What if telling him made it worse? Then again, remaining mute about things rarely helped. What the heck.
“It only lasts a few seconds. I’m on one of the backstreets in Madison. Not sure where exactly. Probably the University area.”
“Are you a cop?”
I’d spent four years serving as a patrol officer and then one more as a detective for the Madison Police Department. A lot of that time was spent in the University area of town, so good guess on Tripp’s part.
“Yeah. I’m standing near my squad car, and Lupe is confronting Matt. As in, she’s yelling at him.”
Confusion creased Tripp’s brow. “Matt? The guy who died here last month? What was Lupe saying to him?”
“I couldn’t hear the words. She was angry, though. Or maybe scared.” I hadn’t considered that second possibility. The line between anger and fear could be blurry at times. “Whatever it was, she wanted him to do something, and when he wouldn’t do it, she shot him.”

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