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Whispering Pines Mysteries Collection 4 (PAPERBACK BUNDLE)

Whispering Pines Mysteries Collection 4 (PAPERBACK BUNDLE)

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If you like mysteries set in quaint villages full of with quirky characters, sweet slow-burn romance, and witches (fortune tellers and carnies too) this is the series for you.



As the vernal equinox brings welcome warmth and the promise of the coming tourist season to Wisconsin's Northwoods, it also brings an invading Wiccan coven. Sheriff Jayne O’Shea isn’t worried about the witches. It’s the fact that her mother is coming for her first visit in nearly twenty years that has her on edge. Their reunion goes well, better than expected, and then a coven member disappears.

The other members don't seem concerned. In fact, they're so indifferent to the disappearance, Jayne is sure she's searching for a body, not a missing person. The possibility of another death in the village is bad enough, but this one could mean the end for Whispering Pines. If Jayne can't get her mom to see the lakeside community's charming appeal, it will go up for sale.



Sheriff Jayne O’Shea is on edge. Hopeful applicants have taken over the commons area, all of them begging to become residents. Villagers who left long ago have returned, causing an uproar among the locals. The slow burn feud between the sister witches has reached the boiling point. And her parents are acting just plain weird.

Fortunately, it’s time for the annual Beltane celebration, the last opportunity for everyone to gather before tourists invade the village for the summer. Attendees dance around the Maypole, decorate fairy chairs, weave witch ladders, and nibble Green Man cake. Good, innocent fun.

Except, this year’s fire festival is being held during the driest spring the Northwoods has seen in a decade. And like bees to honey, the event has attracted an arsonist intent on burning the place to the ground one little fire at a time.



It’s been almost a year since Sheriff Jayne O’Shea arrived in Whispering Pines. Deciding to stay was the best decision she ever made, but the closer the anniversary gets, the gloomier she feels.

It doesn’t help that she and Tripp have been arguing. Neither does the dense fog blanketing the village. Or the group of cranky wedding planners staying at the B&B. Trying to organize an outdoor event when the weather won’t cooperate is understandably stressful, but their constant bickering is pushing everyone to the edge.

Then, as the fog grows impossibly thicker, things take a turn for the worse when a villager becomes gravely ill. The cause is a mystery, but the rumor going around is that she was hexed or cursed. Considering half the residents are witches, that isn’t surprising. While Jayne doesn't believe magic is involved, she’s positive about her suspect. Now, all she needs is proof.



The new tourist season is about to start. The witches, carnies, fortune tellers, and other lovable outcasts of Whispering Pines are abuzz with excitement. Sheriff Jayne O’Shea, however, is nervous. After their tragic last season, the lakeside hamlet became known as the Murder Capital of Wisconsin, and she would love to redeem their reputation.

Everyone has assured her they’re ready and that it’s going to be a great opening weekend, but Jayne can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong. Then, just as waves of happy tourists start to arrive, villagers go missing one by one.

This is the showdown Jayne has been preparing for. She knows who’s responsible, but before catching the kidnapper, she first needs to save the victims. That means releasing control and letting others step up because this time she’s too close. Failure could mean the end for those she loves most.

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